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The Official OGC After Hours Drink Spot!
THURSDAY, MARCH 21st, 8pm-11PM
Bridge Tender Tavern
554 Broadway St. Seaside Oregon
Enjoy a few ghoulish drinks after a long day at the Oregon Ghost Conference! 
(Closes early on Conference Nights for Investigations)
Bridge Tender's Haunted History
The Bridge Tender Tavern was built in 1914 and boasts a former brothel on its now abandoned second floor. In the 1960s it was called the Pastitme. Staff members each have their own story of unusual activity in the building and are excited to host a formal investigation and see what our crew discovers. The bar and building will be closed to the public during the late night investigations. 



Interview of Bridge Tender Former-Owner Catie Smith by Aaron Collins Feb. 21, 2016. (Photo to the left)
Rocky Smith Director of the Ghost Conference and Aaron Collins and Steven Zahn from Paranormal Crossings spent an evening in Seaside to film a promo video for the Oregon Ghost Conference.