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CLASS: Energy Healing (2hr)
Instructor: Kay Peden
Sunday, March 26th, 2023 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Class Description:

Join Kay Peden for a series of rounds of energy work in which she will provide highly impactful and transformational group energy healing for any and all needs, including grief, trauma recovery, heartbreak, betrayal recovery, abundance manifestation and just about anything one can bring to the table! She will activate personal abundance codes in calling in one’s blessings, activate ascension codes, embed trauma release shifts and all that is available for each individual’s benefit for exactly what they are needing at this time. This is a safe space in which all can come as they are, receive an abundance of love and lightening of anything heavy that they are carrying. Incredible change has come from Kay’s energy work, so join us with an open mind and open heart for some real palpable shifts! You will feel the difference in real time and may be shocked at what you receive in your life after attending! We’re calling in massive shifts!

Class Outcome:    

Attendees will feel physically and emotionally lighter, feeling peace, confidence, empowerment and renewed hope. They may even feel a release of physical pain. As the weeks progress, attendees will experience real, palpable shifts in their daily life, including worrisome situations resolving themselves whilst embodying a more grounded and assured response to what life brings, including newfound confidence, renewed hope, and an improved relationship with the self and others. Attendees should also be aware that in calling in their blessings, instances of abundance and anything from small to monumental surprises are expected. The energy work provided in this workshop also emboldens one to make changes that they were perhaps afraid of making and is particularly effective at bolstering one – and one’s voice - in releasing toxic dynamics and relationships. This energy healing workshop aligns attendees with what they need to embody their most empowered and healthy life.





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Energy Healing with Kay Peden  
2hr Class Registration: $25.00