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“Into The Parabnormal” is nationally syndicated by Audio 1 Talk Network to terrestrial radio stations. We’re also heard via podcast and streaming apps and select digital networks.
This top-rated show, which launched in 2015, is hosted and produced by Jeremy Scott, a radio news professional of 25 years.
Along with our guests, we investigate everything between the paranormal and abnormal, diving deep into fringe subjects that are very often ahead of their times and censored or even banned from the mainstream.
For the past two years, we’re ranked the #1 podcast on the Paranormal Radio app and the 15th most-listened to show on the internet in 2023 according to TalkStreamLive.
LIVE RADIO SHOW: Saturday, March 23rd, 3-6pm   
(Seaside Civic & Convention Center- FRONT LOBBY)    
3:06-3:29pm        Guardian Angel Paranormal Society
3:34-3:58pm        Chris Califf & Matt Lytle
4:06-4:29pm        Loyd Auerbach
4:34-4:50pm        Breannan Matris
4:53-4:58pm        OPEN MIC
5:06-5:29pm        Bend Ghost Tours
5:34-5:58pm        Jeff Davis
LIVE RADIO SHOW: Sunday, March 24th, 12-3pm     
(Seaside Civic & Convention Center- FRONT LOBBY)    
12:06-12:29pm        Nor-C.A.P.S.
12:34-12:58pm        W.W.I.P.S.
1:06-1:20pm        Jason Carpenter
1:24-1:29pm        OPEN MIC
1:34-1:58pm        James Clarkson
2:06-2:29pm        St. Ignatius Ghost Tours
2:34-2:50pm        Chelsea Renee
2:53-2:58pm        Rocky Smith