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Michael White
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Paranormal Boot Camp 101: (#1) Parapsycology Basics
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Paranormal Boot Camp 101: (#2) Preparation for a Paranormal Investigation
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Paranormal Boot Camp 101: (#3) Paranormal Investigation Conduct
CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Paranormal Boot Camp 101: (#4) Investigative Data Review

Michael does not believe in ghosts in the traditional sense. He suspects most reported activity is caused by misperceptions of events, misunderstandings of natural occurrences, and contributions from the living to include recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK), telepathy, hypnagogic experiences, and other psychic phenomenon.

After serving 21 years in the military, Michael utilizes his skills in surveillance and intelligence analysis to scrutinize data obtained on paranormal investigations and during paranormal experiments to identify factors that are explainable or remain unexplained. Michael has been interested in strange phenomenon since age 7 after experiencing his first unexplained event. He has been seriously researching the paranormal since 2004. Michael is the founder of Paranormal Research & Investigations.