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CLASS: Twin Flames: It's All About YOU! (2hr)
 Instructor: Kay Peden
Sunday, March 31, 2019

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2hr Class Registration: $20.00
(*Individual Tickets)

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Class Description:
Many are finding themselves on the Twin Flame journey once they meet that one person that they somehow know that their soul recognizes. It’s a beautiful and powerful experience. Then the triggering occurs…The Twin Flame journey is a tough one. With the many misconceptions out there, how do we know how to handle this most confusing, emotional, trying and yet at the same time, incredible experience to further our own personal growth and authenticity? Contrary to popular belief this path is not about a relationship; it’s about our resonant Divine soul triggering what we need to address and heal so that we may remember our true self, including our many profound gifts that are meant to bless others. It’s about us transcending our own wounds in order to reach our greatest potential with our own intuitive and/or healing gifts. It’s also about unconditional love, balance and acceptance not only for our Twin Flame, but ourselves first and foremost! In this class, Shaman and Twin Flame Coach Kay Peden will be addressing the good, bad and the downright ugly on this journey, as well as sharing how to transcend what often keeps Twins stuck in one place.
Class Outcome:
Attendees will find the most common fears, blocks, misconceptions and pitfalls addressed to where transcending fear, the Ego Self and finding oneself on the right path in their journey is much more easily achieved. They will have not only gained clarity on the true purpose of the Twin Flame journey, but practical and even simple ways in which to walk the Twin Flame path- which countless individuals are finding themselves on- with renewed empowerment and faith.