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Have a booth at the 2017 Oregon Ghost Conference!
The Oregon Ghost Conference offers vendor and information booths to groups, individuals, businesses and organizations. Booth spaces are 8' deep and 10' wide with 8ft pipe and drape on the back wall and 4ft pipe and drape on the side walls. Booth space includes 1 table 8'x30" and 2 chairs. All spaces include access to electricity and 2 Admission Passes to the Vendor/Speakers Area for the entire weekend. Prices are listed below.
Vendor Booths are $80
(8x10ft space)
Information Booths are $55
(8x10ft space)
Follow these steps to reserve and pay for your booth space(s):
1. Download the Oregon Ghost Conference Application and then read it & fill it out.
Download Oregon Ghost Conference Application
2. Sign the Oregon Ghost Conference Agreement
3. Submit your application and Pay for your Vendor/Info. table using one of the options below:
Mail your completed and signed application/agreement and a check for the full amount owed to:
Northwest Walking Tours
P.O. Box 1214 Oregon City, OR 97045
Pay for your Vendor/Info table below and E-mail your completed and signed application/agreement with your online payment Receipt Number to: bradly@oregonghostconference.com
Vendor Booths $80
Information Booths $55