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 Ryan Mick

Born and raised in Sacramento California. At an early age Ryan has been fascinated with the paranormal, having witnessed full body apparitions at a friend’s house and several other unexplained events. After graduating High School, he enlisted into the Marines. During his enlistment Ryan visited many countries and was part of the ground forces during Operation Desert Storm and in Somalia. Ryan left active duty with the Marines in 1993 after attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. After the Marines, Ryan started his chosen career of software development, and currently works as the Application Development Manager for one of the largest health clubs in California. Ryan never gave up his interest in the paranormal and in 2008 formally formed the Northern California Paranormal Society (Nor-C.A.P.S.) with his wife and a couple of other friends. It was with Nor-C.A.P.S. that Ryan first visited Preston Castle in Ione CA, where he would later volunteer as a historical docent and later a paranormal docent. Ryan served 2 years on the Preston Castle Foundation board of directors. He has run the paranormal tours for the Foundation for 3 years and was the Chairperson for 3 Preston Castle Paranormal Conferences to raise funds for the restoration of the Preston Castle. Ryan was part of the first episode of the Lowe Files (2017) that was filmed at the Castle. Ryan has also spoken at other paranormal conferences and even gave a presentation to a forensic history class at Sacramento State University. As a Paranormal Investigator Ryan believes that it is best to be an open skeptic and analyze all data and personal experiences before giving his opinion about the claims of a haunting.